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How To Sell A House Fast

If you own a house in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas and want to sell it as quickly as possible, continue reading for five tips that will help you sell a house fast! Tip #1 – Skip The Fix-Up One of the most time-consuming reasons that homes don’t get sold as quickly as the … Continued

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Keep Your Neighbors Happy During A Rehab

What are some ways real estate investors can keep their neighbors happy during a rehab? Communication! So many investors forget how such a simple thing can have such a big impact. After buying a property, Metroplex Homebuyers makes it a point to get to know the neighbors, leaving a business card with our contact information if they have … Continued

What is a title and how does it get cleared?

“I just signed a contract to sell my house, and now the title company is saying we must have a clear title first.” With a car, a title is a piece of paper that shows ownership. To sell the car it’s as simple as signing the title and handing it to the new owner. Unlike … Continued