Offer Page:

Prelim Offer Page:

What is a preliminary offer?

A preliminary offer is meant to give you an estimated range as to where your formal offer will be based on the information you have provided to us. This is the first step in helping you know if a cash offer from an investor is a strategy that may work for your situation. 

Neighborhood Comparables:

We look at the recently sold properties in combination with the available supply of properties for sale in your area to determine a value for you property in both as is condition as well as what it may be worth in fully updated and repaired condition. 

We take a look at the other houses in the neighborhood. It’s kind of artsy, kind sciency, but we’re pretty good!

Subject Property Condition:

We use your description of the property condition to estimate repairs that may be needed in order to get your property ready to sell. (we don’t want sellers to think they have to do repairs or that we will do the repairs and then buy it from them, sellers ask me that all the time) 


Your Closing timeframe:

Your preferred closing timeline can have an effect on how we present you with an offer. Sometimes a property seller may not need to close very quickly ( waiting on a new home to be built, or waiting for a tenant to move out, or you may just be looking for information). Sometimes a seller my need to close very quickly (ex. Foreclosure, relocation for work).By  understanding the closing timeline that works best for you we can best know how we can help.