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Get a fair price and sell to us, your ugly, outdated home.

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Welcome to Metroplex HomeBuyers.

No Work

No Repairs, No Updates,
No Staging, No Cleaning

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We Buy Houses----A Little About Us

Family owned and operated Metroplex Homebuyers was founded in 2011 and has grown to be one of the most reputable homebuyers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.


To date, we have bought over 700 properties, and that number is continuously growing. We pride ourselves on being an information forward company so that when it comes to decision time, you know, you are making the right choice.

What About Selling an Ugly House in Dallas, TX?

Selling an ugly, outdated home brings up a unique challenge. Broken windows, old-fashioned construction style, extensive repairs, and dark photos don’t impress new buyers. Buyers may be searching for a small & cozy home, but they don’t want to deal with extensive repairs. They don’t want to spend weeks repairing and updating their home. They would rather purchase a “move-in-ready” house and spend time doing what they love.


You must be wondering about the next steps If you own a house that has not been updated, maintained, or have an inherited house that you no longer want. You may have an abandoned house that is in rough shape. Sometimes, properties become the victim of poor weather conditions, construction issues, code violations, and natural disasters. 


These reasons make it a burdensome task to sell a damaged home in the retail market. It would be difficult (and sometimes, unaffordable) to rehab the house on your own and deal with those expensive repairs. If you have a house with foundation problems or serious construction issues, you can contact us. We buy ugly houses in the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex and we can buy your home fast for a cash price and in it’s current as-is condition.


Why Isn’t My House Selling?


There may be more than one reason as to why your home is not selling, the conventional way with an agent.


  • Your home may be overpriced for the local market.
  • It may need significant repairs or extensive updates.
  • The condition or structure may not appeal to potential buyers.
  • You may have a house in a less desired/bad neighborhood.
  • Competition is tough. Your home may not be selling because of the move in ready homes out there.

It is a tough market because buyers are not interested in buying a dilapidated home. Physically distressed properties don’t attract homeowners. Banks refuse loans for such houses, and it might be unaffordable for you to repair the property. Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury of time, and you cannot spend weeks and thousands of dollars to make the home livable.


One solution doesn’t help everyone, every situation is different. You don’t have to sell traditionally. Our team can assist you with the sale of an ugly home. We are local folks like you, and we buy ugly houses in Dallas. We buy ugly houses to facilitate homebuyers in tough situations. You can sell your home for a cash price and let go of a burdensome home that needs too many repairs.