Keep Your Neighbors Happy During A Rehab

What are some ways real estate investors can keep their neighbors happy during a rehab?

Communication! So many investors forget how such a simple thing can have such a big impact.

After buying a property, Metroplex Homebuyers makes it a point to get to know the neighbors, leaving a business card with our contact information if they have any questions or concerns. Not only does this keep the neighbors happy with letting them know that their concerns are your concerns, but it can also pay off in the long run.

We’ve had a neighbor call to let us know water was coming from our rehab house into the street. And, had we not a left a card with them and made the effort to introduce ourselves, who knows how long it would have taken to have the situation resolved.

How should investors notify the neighbors of the renovation?

Meeting someone in person always has a bigger impact than just leaving a note.

Stop by around 6:00 pm the day you close on the property, knock on the doors and introduce yourself. Putting a face to the person working on the house and the sincerity of making them aware of your plans goes a lot further than a note.

Level with the neighbors and tell them that the end goal is to raise the property value in the neighborhood, but that renovations can be messy and loud. Assure them that every attempt will be made to prevent workers from working too early, too late and too noisy. But, if we fall short of this goal, we encourage them to call us on our direct line and we’ll do our best to get the issue resolved immediately.

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